Seven Oaks Child Day Care Centre, Inc.
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Seven Oaks Child Day Care Centre, Inc.

Health Records

Health records of your child's health status are required by the Community Services and Corrections Department of Manitoba. The Manitoba Health record card attached to the registration form must be signed by the attending physician to be valid.

Transportation Policy
We suggest that a child's day should not exceed your work hours plus traveling time. This is important for your child and also ensures our child to staff ratios at the start and end of the day. In order that your child receives full benefits from our program, it is advisable that your child be in the Centre before 9:30 a.m.

The day care staff will accompany kindergarten children to bus pick-up sites and will ensure that the child is safely boarded.

Confidentiality Policy
The day care will ensure that all written and verbal information regarding your child and family is kept confidential. Neither family nor child information shall be passed along to another centre or provider without written parental approval.

Inclusion Policy
Inclusion is an integral part of our program and all children are welcomed into the centre. We believe that all children deserve to be in an environment that is comfortable and holds meaning for them. We respect the abilities of all children and view inclusion as a process which acknowledges comfort and meaning in a child's day and includes a balance of group and direct support facilitated by an Inclusion Support Staff. We adhere to accessibility, participation and support for all children.
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